The Potemkin League - The Heist Of Liverpool FC

This documentary explores Liverpool Football Club's history, delving into the Shankly mythology and socialist militancy of the Liverpool people. They proved, as in the 80′s, to be a divergent force in the face of changing football, politics and international finance. Through football the social-economic and political tendencies of a new generation began to awake.

The film was released September 2010 to rave reviews:

"Brilliantly made documentary showing what the club and fans have had to go through in the last few years, very informative and shows what the club means to us all. Well done to all involved."

"Excellent stuff that, just finished watching the last one top marks to the queuepolitely and everyone else who helped contribute!"

"5 Stars"

  • Director: Michael Oswald

  • Producer: Michael Horwath.

Year of Release: 2010

Filmed on Sony Pmw-Ex1