Northern Light: Iceland's Creative Revolution

I was asked by DazedDigital to make a film about Icelands Creative Revolution. Set during the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival and with a backdrop of the recent political and Socio-Economic upheavals.

"Dazed TV present a documentary about how the young generation of a country ravaged by the economic crisis and the threat of corporate takeovers are fighting back." (DazedDigital)

The documentary raises awareness of Icelandic political prisoners, local municipalities complicity in the corporate takeover of Thermal Energy plants by Canadian Conglomerate MAGMA ENERGY (Local municipalities handed their share of Thermal Energy plants over to MAGMA ENERGY for a measly 1.5% interest p.a) etc

The mood in Iceland is perhaps best expressed by comedian-turned-mayor of Reykjavik, Jon Gnarr. View his party political broadcast here:

  • Director: Michael Oswald

Year of Release: 2010

Filmed on Canon 7d - Canon 24-105mm f4 IS Lens - Canon 50mm f1.4 Lens