A Question of Justice: How Britain gets away with Torture

(Documentary Feature)

At Hanslope Park, an hour’s drive North of London, lie 15 miles of floor to ceiling shelf space of secret files. These files contain the crimes and secrets of British imperial rule, one of the bloodiest of the 20th century. When former imperial possessions moved towards independence, British officials received instructions from London that all compromising and embarrassing files relating to British rule should be destroyed or returned to London. The aim was to create a historical legacy of a benign British Empire.

A Question of Justice is a documentary that explores the culture of secrecy that lies at the heart of the British state. It shows how to this day Britain has managed to retain the aura of a liberal Western democracy while continually breaking the very rules and treaties that such societies claim to support. From the brutality of the end of empire conflicts to present day torture and secret wars Britain’s history remains distorted and incomplete. It is a history that is not so much reported as it is carefully managed.

Estimated Running Time: TBA

Estimated release: 2020

Director: Michael Oswald


The Totalitarian State

(Documentary Feature)

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"How the contemporary totalitarian state subverts and destroys its imaginary enemies."

We think we know what a totalitarian state is and does and that its actions are readily discernible by even the most casual observer. But what we see and hear are descriptions of overt terror, perpetrated by weak and failed states. The modern scientific and organized state makes use of terror in a different and more devious way. This documentary investigates the forms of terror available to the totalitarian state in the 21st Century, it investigates the former East German Stasi’s technique of zersetzen, the subversion of undesirable individuals and groups, and asks the question: How can we be certain our own governments aren’t doing the same?


Estimated Running Time: TBA

Estimated release: TBA

Director: Michael Oswald



Dissident Voices

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“Dissident voices” is a series of interviews with activists, academics and whistleblowers, and attempts to document and spread ideas, theories and knowledge of current events outside of the interest of the mainstream media channels, that challenge conventional wisdom and perceptions of reality.

Interviews are conducted by the participants themselves in pairs, allowing for a more relaxed and informal setting where ideas and experiences can be explored and explained by individuals most familiar with them.


Estimated Release: Ongoing Project